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Decking Construction

Decking Screw Calculator

If the moisture and drainage parts are taken care of properly, the screws and fasteners of the deck is relatively only a small part to play. The secondary thread screw creates a lifetime creak free fixing as the head will do little work, and the effort is placed on the top thread. Although if drained, a partial thread screw will suffice. It is important to not over countersink a screw, and to use the correct countersinking tool for cylindrical head screws to avoid moisture sitting around the head to stop any water pooling and avoid provoking rot.

Protect against Moisture

Timber ultimately grows standing up to let water run off. When we cu it down and turn it into a decking board, it does what kills timber when it is standing up and holds water, it starts to rot. That is why we have a range of products that can help minimise the damage, and let the timber function as it was intended to its highest capability.

Drain excess moisture

Even if we manage to seal the joist from taking in moisture, we can actually create a surface for it to then be taken into the decking board itself, so we must give any moisture, the chance of draining, rather than sitting.

Timber Protection

Coatings have a tendency to fail when timber expands and contracts quicker than normal. There is two options to maximise the life of a surface coating, that is to minimise the amount of movement by using all steps above. To further extend the lifespan of the coating, we recommend using a migrating oil product which is taken into the timber, to create an internal protection that does not allow moisture in.