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Every other day when we are not running a sale or promotions, we offer specials of products, even if it is not neccessary, to help hardworking men and women in industry.

CRAFTSMAN HARDWARE. Be a change. Don't wait for one.

Craftsman Hardware supplies Euro Workwear, Saw Blades, Screws and Fasteners. The range is not exotic. This is a standard, somewhere.

blakalder womens maternity trousers
Sika Sealants and Adhesives Australia
Blaklader Work Trousers and Workwear
Hultafors Chisels and Tools Australia
STURNUS Aluminium Handle Hammers
DUSS Core Drill and Breakers in Australia
Mafell Saws and Drills Australia
HOT SCREEN Heat Transfers for Workwear Branding
HECO Schrauben Screws and Fasteners
SPAX Screws and Fasteners
FAMAG Forstner Bits and Router Bits
Zekler Bluetooth Hearing Protection and PPE
RUWI Router Table and Lifting Table
MIRKA Sanders and the range of their Best Abrasives
TANOS Systainer System to suit Festool and Mafell
Bohrcraft drill bits and step drills
Eurotec CLT and GLT Connections and Screws
Snickers Workwear Work Trousers
Stehle Saw Blades and Router Bits
Wilpu Jigsaw and Reciprocating Saw Blades
Solid Gear Boots
Wiha Tools
Solid Gear Boots
OSMO Hard Wax Oil and Coatings
Cutek Extreme Decking Oils and Deck Cleaners
MONARCH Painting Paint Brushes and Rollers
Vapour Seal Tape