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Every other day when we are not running a sale or promotions, we offer specials of products, even if it is not neccessary, to help hardworking men and women in industry.

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Use the Restorer Tool for material removal that would normally require the use of many different hand tools and power tools.

This patented handheld or benchtop tool can be used to buff, sand, grind, polish, scrub, or clean any surface. Its balanced and compact for maneuvering in tight areas and around tough obstacles. Use it on surfaces that are flat or curved, wet or dry.


Especially suitable for the cleaning up of rough sawn hardwoods without removing the characteristic features of the timber or the sawn textures. This leaves a premium clean, but, characteristic timber to meet your needs. 


The Restorer can be fitted with any type of roller from abrasives to wire wheel from Restorer Tools.