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Low footprint and full effect, is vital for businesses of the future.

Low footprint and full effect, or getting the same done with less, is a difficult task to achieve for small businesses in the modern age. Although, it is acheivable with the right equipment. RUWI Maschinenbau has developed a number of pieces of equipment that can help maximise what you are capable of with your panel saw. Or maximise your time when regularly milling timber with different cutters with the milling machine.


When you need another set of hands, but aren't looking to hire, then it is likely most productive to implement a RUWI Lifting Table available in both a single workbench and extendable version. The benefits being that you can assemble cabinetry, transport materials or just use it as a typical work bench for equipment.


Combined with high quality screws and fasteners and quality tooling by reputable brands, Craftsman Hardware has a total tools solution to productivity and efficiency increases.