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Decking Screws, Pan Head Screws and General Construction Fasteners

SPAX Screws are a timber specialist screw with a range of screws and fasteners for many occassions and areas of application that are experienced in Australia and New Zealand. Their renowned architectural screw, the SPAX Decking Screw, is a double threaded, cylindrical head screw ... that allows for boards to expand and contract in times of wet and dry, hot and cold, which means the double thread technology is ultimately a neccessity for Australian decking application. They have a range of stainless steel screws in grades A2 / 304 and A4 / 316 Stainless Steel, in variations such as the decking screw, countersunk head screw, pan head screw and washer head screw. So no matter where your project is being built, there is a screw that is built to perform exceptionally and maximise the lifespan and building performance of the structure.

SPAX Screw Rotating