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Every other day when we are not running a sale or promotions, we offer specials of products, even if it is not neccessary, to help hardworking men and women in industry.

Creating a global catalogue of quality products. Global supply, with local support.


Made in Sweden, Hultafors Tools are still to this day, produced with quality and care.

Take a look at the range of Hultaofrs Tools that to this day, are produced with quality steel that can withstand the demands of hardwork, while being able to bend rather than break under excessive stress. The quality of steel is everything when it comes to axes, wrecking bars, hammers, knives and chisels, and Hultafors knows that from experience.


The range of Hultafors chisels and knives, are made to work with a number or euro workwear brands that you can purchase direct, such as Snickers Workwear and Blaklader Workwear. The button system with loops on the side of the work trousers, allow for the simple and easy attachment of the total tools solution to the work trousers, to ensure that you have your Hultafors knife or chisel on you at all times.