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FAMAG Woodworking and Carpentry Tools - High-Quality Forstner Bits, Router Bits, Plug Cutters, and Drill Bits

FAMAG Woodworking and Carpentry Tools

FAMAG is a renowned manufacturer of top-notch woodworking tools, with a rich history of over 150 years in the industry. Among their exceptional offerings are the FAMAG Forstner bits, which are known for their precision, durability, and clean cuts. These Forstner bits are made of alloyed tool steel and coated with a black oxide finish for superior corrosion resistance. The unique waveform/split circumference body design, along with the offset chip breaker cutting edges, ensures minimal friction, heat, and clogging, resulting in cleaner, cooler cuts and extended bit life. ... In addition to Forstner bits, Famag provides a variety of other woodworking tools, including router bits, plug cutters, and drill bits. Their router bits are designed for high performance and long-lasting use, while their plug cutters help create perfect wooden plugs for various applications. Famag's drill bits are also made with the same commitment to quality and craftsmanship, ensuring that users can achieve the best possible results in their woodworking projects.