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Craftsman Hardware | DTF Heat Transfers

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We take pride in offering a customer satisfaction guarantee, ensuring confidence in having us as your heat transfer supplier. In every part of our transfer printing company, we focus on delivering a great end result and meeting all customers’ needs and expectations.

Workwear Heat Transfers and Heat Pressing Guide.

STARK Heat Transfer

A durable heat transfer made for work wear! STARK is specially developed for application on garments that is used within tough conditions, where industrial washing and drying are a requirement.

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Garment and Activewear Heat Transfers and Heat Pressing Guide.

FLEX Heat Transfer

A heat transfer that is flexible, thin and stretchable! FLEX is designed to be applied on sports and profile clothing or garments where a thinner and more flexible print is needed.

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Reflective High Visibility Workwear Heat Transfers and Heat Pressing Guide.

REFLEX Heat Transfer

When you need to be visible in dark conditions. Our reflective print is designed to have a reflective ability and helps you to be seen in the dark.

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